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Life Groups greatly resemble the New Testament church.  In our Life Groups (home groups) you will be able to connect on a personal level with several other people and families just like you.  In this group setting we welcome participation in discussion about the Word of God and how it pertains to our everyday life.  We have a great time of fellowship, getting to know one another on a deeper level.  Like all good fellowships, you can't forget the food!!!  There is usually a meal or snack of some sort in every group meeting.  After we have fellow-shipped and eaten we take time to get into the Word of God and discuss it openly to help us apply the principles for a life change.  In our Life Groups, we DO LIFE TOGETHER!!!  I hope you will check one out soon, email the link below for more details



Tyler Group (MOSS BLUFF)



  • Kober GROUP (Moss Bluff)

  • Davis Group (MOSS BLUFF & Westlake)